Cleadon Kennels

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Rehome A Dog

If you would like to rehome one of our dogs please contact us to arrange an appointment  Please contact us on 0191  5292369, appointment slots can be made Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday between 2pm - 4pm, bring a form of identification.

There is a fee of ¬£50 which includes a FREE neutering voucher, FREE Microchipping, a month FREE insurance and all dogs will have a health check before leaving the kennels. By law all dogs have to wear a name and address an ID tag when on a highway but these can come loose and get lost, it is therefore a good idea to have your dog microchipped.  The microchip details, including the dogs ownership are recorded on a national database enabling the dog owner to be notified if their lost dog has been found, anywhere in the country.

All dogs can be taken on a twenty-eight day trial basis.  If it is unsuccessful the fee is refunded.

If you would like to look at some of our animals up for rehoming, then please click here. We get different dogs in each day so visiting us would be beneficial.